What's in Your Hand?

Jacmel Bay

Welcome to Jacmel Bay!

Using natural sea glass harvested on the shores of Jacmel Bay, Haiti, we create necklaces and gifts. Be sure to link to our Etsy page see our latest creations! 

The wonderful colors and textures of our Haitian Sea Glass are themselves things of beauty, but the story is what we seek to share. It is a powerful story of redemption.

One aspect of Jacmel Bay is working with a group of young Deaf Haitians teaching and equipping them to be more independent and we are striving to bring them a steady source of income. Their creations are available at whole sale prices for those of you who may be fund raising for a trip to Haiti. Be sure to contact Denise if you would like information. ([email protected])

Over the last seven years these artists have grown into a group of hard working productive adults. Several have married and a baby was born into this group nearly three years ago. Jacmel Bay is happy to be partnering with this group of young artists during this exciting time of their lives.

At Jacmel Bay we are focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction. We will do everything we can to exceed your expectations.

With a variety of offerings to choose from, we're sure you'll be happy working with us. Look around our website, and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us.

Become the part of the story. Buy products from Jacmel Bay and 25% of the profits will be donated to the ongoing work Olive Tree Projects in Jacmel Haiti.

Contact me via email or Facebook if I can help you in any way!

The Back Story

What’s in your hand?”

This is the question that came to mind when I was praying about a way to raise funds for Haiti after the earthquake of 2010.

In a very short time, Jacmel Bay was birthed. I had no experience making jewelry, but when my daughter showed me the beautiful sea glass from Jacmel Bay, I knew that sea glass was what I had in my hand. I enrolled in a workshop and got to work.

In July 2010, just two months after I started making necklaces, I traveled to Jacmel to visit my daughter and her family where they were raising orphaned and abandoned children. I also went as a teacher. I brought with me 10 kits containing beads and wire and tools.

I worked with young adults in Jacmel to teach them the trade.

Most of my students were deaf and we used American Sign Language to communicate.Because I can speak with ASL, there was no communication barrier. I was able to buy some of their work and resell it for donations to Haiti Relief. This was a rewarding and exciting experience for me. I traveled to Haiti in staring after the earthquake in 2010 and have returned once or twice a year to visit and work with this group of artists. 

I sell products, both my own and my students.It is my goal and dream to grow a business that will enable me to have a modest retirement

income as well as having a positive impact in the lives of these deaf artists.

Twenty five percent or more of my profit goes to Olive Tree Projects, a nonprofit ministry that not only operates woman's birthing center but also cares for the foster children that my daughter and son in law lived with for seven years in Jacmel.

So you want to go to Haiti!

Jacmel Bay can help you get there. Here is how it works:

Jacmel Bay has been evolving over the last seven years. It is exciting to see how things are developing! From the beginning I knew that this business had to do more than just be a little business to give me part time employment. I desired to see lives touched and jobs created. When I sell my work a percentage of the proceeds goes back to Haiti. I love creating sea glass jewelry and find it a really satisfying way to spend my time. That is just one element of Jacmel Bay.

Working to create work for nine members of the Deaf community in Jacmel, Haiti is another part. Here is how that works: Jacmel Bay supplies artists with materials that are not readily available to them in Haiti. I work with them training and overseeing the project. Some necklaces are sold directly to customers by the artists to visitors in Jacmel. They are also presently selling their jewelry at Haiti Made in Grassier, Haiti and in the Jacmel Art Center in Jacmel.

I also purchase necklaces from the artists and I check them and package them for sale here in the USA.

These necklaces are primarily being used is for fundraising for individuals or groups who desire to travel to Haiti on short term mission trips. I am really excited about this program because it is such a win/win/win/win situation.

Jacmel Bay artists win because of the quantity of necklaces we will be buying will in a short time be able to give them a very decent wage. This is great for any workers in Haiti but especially great in the Deaf community.

Jacmel Bay wins because even though there is not a big profit per necklace selling larger quantities make it possible to offer huge discounts. The short term missionary wins because the necklaces sell easily and in a short time can raise the necessary funds for their trip. Then Haiti wins because those short term missionaries go to Haiti and help rebuild the country and more importantly develop a love for the people.It's a big circle. I love it~

Want to know how?:

You decide you want to go. Jacmel Bay sends out 20 necklaces packaged to each team member. (At no cost at the front side of the sale.)Necklaces are then sold for $15.00 to $25.00/per necklace. At the end of an eight week period $6/per sold necklace is due to Jacmel Bay. Unsold necklaces are returned. More necklaces can be ordered at any time during the sale but each order of 20 must be paid for first.Shipping fees will also be charged as well as NC sales tax for NC orders. (on the amount paid to Jacmel Bay).Contact me at [email protected] if I can answer any questions or if you are ready to get started!

 If you will be traveling with a team I will need some advance notice to be able to well supplies with sea glass necklaces from Haiti.

If you decide to purchase these fundraising necklaces outright you can save even more! Necklaces that are paid for at the front of the sale are only $5.00/each!

Your purchases will have a positive impact on countless lives. Thanks you for choosing Jacmel Bay!